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Ramblin's VI


Pat Gluck

This ol' world doesn't sleep! There are the bad guys planning to blow up who and what; and there's the good guys attempting to thwart their efforts and put 'em in the hoosegow.

Then, there's that Devil on the shoulders of every person who wants to do the 'right thing.' He often leads them down the primrose path to oblivion. As to those Angels, depicted hovering over all of us, they have all they can do to fight those Devils and send 'em back where they came from. But, no one is sleeping!

Everyone's running around with their heads up their rear ends. They're telling everyone else what to do and how to do it. Setting examples aren't sufficient for them; shouting and hollering and verbal criticizing wins out over the good ol' common sense method of quiet explanations, serious discussions and organized debates.

No wonder our youngsters haven't the foggiest idea of where to turn, or from whom to get the 'right' answers. All around them they see examples of bigotry and falsehoods and corporate treachery. The headlines of the media shout and pound home all of these extremes because it gets good reviews. And, in this realm of sensationalism, the worst things always seem to get the loudest exposures! But, no one sleeps!

Come this December, as a new year follows the old, everyone will be in a festive mood. No one will give a damn about 'the next guy.' Poverty and depravity, homelessness and lawlessness, a safe place to walk, work and live won't enter anyone's thoughts. No wonder everyone has one eye open when lying down to sleep! And, the philosophy of "them against us" keeps the eyelids fluttering too!

As for me, I have very few 'fears.' About the only one that I can think of is while I'm talking to a humanoid on the fone, he or she puts me on hold while trying to verify this or that. Awaiting the return of the operator, I worry that if I get a disconnect signal I'll have to go over the entire 'press #1, press #2,' routine again!

So, I never sleep either!

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