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Ramblin's IX


Pat Gluck

Just a simple thought: every time you gas up, be certain to get a receipt when you pay the cashier. Otherwise, some day, a half mile from the station you just left, your car might begin to sputter, cough, and die!

You'll realize, then, that WATER was pumped into your gas tank along with the gasoline back at that station. If you have a receipt in your pocket, no one could deny that your FULL gas tank... once your problem was diagnosed... clearly proved that water was the culprit and the station's negligence was the cause.

Though there may be a law that mandates the station owner check his main tanks, occasionally, to reveal condensation, he probably has other things on his mind such as the business, his children, his house and marriage, etc. These 'minor' things might well take a back seat to the inspections of his tanks.

Know that the expense of a tow truck, as well as a mechanic's task of flushing out water from your carburetor, engine, AND removing your car's gas tank and putting the damn thing back under your car, amount to BIG BUCKS! I'm not even mentioning the inconvenience... perhaps in the dead of winter during a blizzard... that you may be exposed to.

A quite simple, "May I have a receipt please?", while paying the cashier, is nothing compared to what you've just heard here!

Two sayings are always appropriate: "Pay now or pay later" and the lament of the ages, "Und vee grow old too soon und schmart too late!"

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