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Ramblin's II


Pat Gluck

Hey, 'jever think about those folks 'out there' who use drugs? And, also, about those using alcohol in excess and getting stoned outta their minds while under the influence? They get around, from place to place, in their cars!!! Think about it for just one pea-pickin' minute. They are on the roads where WE TRAVEL and are surrounding us while we're behind our steering wheels! If this ain't frightening, nothin' is!

Drive defensively? You bet'chur a** I do!!! My golfin' buddy, and best friend, makes fun of me for looking in my rearview mirror and out my side view mirrors all the time. I've driven with him and his habits, towards observing other cars and drivers, leave much to be desired. But, as I tell him: to each his own! (I, personally, wish to be known as a survivor!)

While waiting at a stop light you'd best keep your eyes movin' all over the place. Glancing at both side view mirrors and in your rearview is HIGHLY, (and I mean HIGHLY) recommended, so that idiot who's streakin' down on your backside, can be noticed before he rams into your rear end! As to looking straight ahead, while setting there at the light doing nothin', an occasional glance is all you need in that direction.

For any of you who've witnessed or participated in a 'rear-end,' you know what I'm talking about.

I chuckle while observing some schmuck who's staring straight ahead while tightly clutching his steering wheel. He thinks he hasn't a care in the world and, as I go whizzing by, hasn't the foggiest notion whether or not I'm sober or on drugs or in command of any of my driving skills. His eyes, mesmerized by the scenes only in front of him, see very little relating to safe driving. He is, indeed, an unwilling recipient of that accident which is just around his 'corner.'

So, to all you "superior" drivers out there, when you catch yourselves staring straight ahead and blocking out everything behind and around you, know that the law of averages is fast approaching and I hope you won't be hurt too badly when the schlazen hits your fan!!!

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