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Fear Not To Seek True Love


Pamela Dixon

Kept in place by heavily anchored chains and in dire need of repair,

I remained day by day sinking ever deeper into the darkest despair.

I clung to my burdens tightly, thinking, I'm safe and I'm sound.

I denied to all including myself, that those chains kept me bound.

This sorrowful existence was all I'd ever known.

This was the only place that I'd ever called home.

Then one day gentle winds whispered secrets of wisdom into my ear.

They urged me to move on, out into the world ,that there was nothing to fear.

They warned me to cast aside my heavy burden or into the deep I'd sink.

But full of fear I ignored these words clinging tightly to every metal link.

With their wisdom given and their warnings foretold,

They could now only wait to see what my future would hold.

There was nothing more that they could say or do to help me move on.

They knew with certainty that if I did not release my fear that I'd soon be gone.

Then one day I gazed into my reflection and saw that my beauty was fading as was also my youth.

Something deep inside awakened my soul and I began to acknowledge those long ago words of truth.

Boldly I looked down deeply, past my shimmering image, and saw how empty my life really was.

I was nothing, meant nothing to noone, and my life had no purpose or cause.

I knew I must break as fast as I could from this prison of chains

Life must not be feared but lived with all it's joy's and it's pains!

I remembered the saying that there were plenty of fish in the sea.

I should go forth now and catch the one that belonged to me.

I let go of my fear and violently snatched off the chains that held me bound,

It was time to take control of my fate and there was a fish of my own to be found.

I searched the sea for this elusive fish, but twas not meant to be......

For the great and mighty ocean himself embraced and fell in love with me.

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