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Pamela Daranjo


To Have To Live


To Live To Have


Two Different Things

That Money Canít Buy

We Donít Make Our Own Opportunities

Instead Money Originates It For Us

If you got Money???

Then your the Boss

If you aint got it

Hence your gonna get tossed.


When we got ''MARRIED''

I thought it was the END

but now i see its a whole new BEGINING.

2 People



The Closest thing to a brain
Is a Computer
Thats why they made it.


I Think Of Glory
I Think Of Fame
I Think Of You
Then I Think Again
Whats With You
And All This Pain
I'm Still The Gurl
I Use To Beeee
Your Not The Same.

Become One

The Ocean Is Refined
My Lotion Is Divine
Why Donít You Join Me
In This Space Of Time.

Where Our Hearts Can Mingle And Unite
Our Souls Can Go So Deep Insight
Our Feelings Can Attract
Leaving Us No Reason Of
Ever Coming Back.


They head's are down in shame

All because you are to blame

What did you gain from all this Fame??


I have a 'Sister'

I love her 'soooo'

She's the best &

So much more.

My Sister

My Sister is Insane, she drives me nuts
ho! crazy with all her fame
she's as sweet as rose with thorns
that pork with pain.

her nasty attitude and abrupt behaviour
I love for it puts me in a mood
and way up above.
she's full of sweetness and love
like a white sort of dove
and her pretty face filled with
so much grace has all the space
In my heart and i know as 'SISTERS'
we'll never come to part


You Lovely, Intelligent, Nobel,
Desirous, Adorable Person

I've found a sister in you forever and
I'm more than proud of you girl in every possible way.


Father, Father I confest

I have something to tell you

that could creat a whole lot of mess.


They say Relationships are 'Big'
They say Relationships are 'Important'
But I tell you that they isn't any
Bigger and more Important
Then of a Husband and Wife


Dont Say Sumthing
That You Can't Do
Instead Do Sumthing
That You Haven't Said...


Love Is Something
That Everyone Can Feel
Love Is Between Everyone
It Is A Bridge Between Two Valleys
Love Is Kind
Somewhat It Is Blind
It Is A Thing
That Everyone Wants
It Is A Well
In Which Everyone Falls.


I Kissed You Last Night
With My Eyes Closed Tight
My Heart Filled With Delight

A Kiss So Simple, A Kissed So Soft,
So Sweet, So True.
A Kiss So Extraordinarily Full Of Bliss
When Your Lips Touched My Lips
I Could Feel My Life Slipping Away
So Deep Into It And Nothing To Spare

Words Left Unspoken, Hearts Left All Broken
I Can Picture Myself Holding Your Hand In Mine

As I Know This First Kiss We Had
Is Always Gonna Remain Something Special To Me.
Have The Stars Ever Looked So Beautiful Above...
Cause this is how its feels to be in your "Love"

Those Days

Lovely was those days
when i had you in my heart
knowing that we would never part

all my dreams were about to come true
when you said goodbye
get the hell out cause its all over with you

how could you be this selfish and
bring me endless troubles and pain.
when all i had to offer you was more
than my life it self
you took me for granted and
played with my precious heart and love

why do things have to be this way?
when all i ever did was love you so much
and expect your love in return
you played me for a fool as to say
I'm just some dirty, ordinary girl
with nothing to rule

but look here babe I've got my pride,
my prestige and thats my gain
I'm gonna make it ahead no matter
how hard the circumstances or how much the pain.

Love Unconditioned

Sunshine, My Honey Pine

My love for you is more then sincere,
pure and true
right from the very first day
I set my eyes on you

I live this day for only you
I love you so much, that when
without you, I'm blue
you hold the deepest and
sweetest part in my life
your my every wish & dream
come true
my happiest days were all spent with you

when i frist saw love,
I knew love had to start with you and me
your the Sun that rises in the East
and sets in the West
your the moon and stars that glow
and sparkle up even there darkest night.
your the ground that keeps my feet firm
and your the air that keeps me alive.
your everything i do, everything i say,
I can't start to imagine you not being there
to forget you and go on
thats something i could never dooo.

I hope and pray that someday
we find a way to be together
and never change our paths
although distance separates and
keeps us far a part in-spite of that
you live so deep in my heart...

Love you forever and ever!!!! K

Feelings For You

One night as i looked at the stars
so dazzling and bright
where up in the sky.

I felt the strangest thing in side .
As I scrolled upon the shore
I then started to explore my feelings deep down within

What happened to my dreams
all starting to fade away and slowly die.
My life's greatest mission is left so incomplete

all those things I wanna say and do
and most of all the person I wana be
is that person when I'm with you

now I've come to realize all depends on you
Why can't u see that I'm so hopeless
and unfortunate to be without your love.

That all my dreams are left so unseen.
For if I try I know I must die but
my love and affections are all for you
and will always remain even
thou u don't want me anymore

Its hard for me to explain going through all this pain.
I cant forget u neither can I go on with my life.
I looked again at the stars and wondered
why I sit here alone
with all my tears to cry.

I want u here 2day

Longing for your sight
and dying her to say
things won't feel right without u there.
so i want you here 2day.
ur my shimmering, shinning star .

i miss you alot
so i want you here 2day
within my heart's core cuz thats way u reside
and there u shall always stay
u say you emotions for me are pure
so to prove this my dear
i want you here with me 2day.


Christmas makes me happy
Christmas makes me Care
Christmas makes me smile
As it comes closer each day.

Christmas is not only about gifts
Its also about love, peace and happiness
The spirit of giving, sharing and caring
What you have with others.

God please bless all the poor little children
without christmas, peace and love
Let them know the true meaning
that Jesus is your gift to all from up above.
and thank you for my family , my hubby
and my life which is so dear to me...

Wish u all a Merry, Merry Christmas!!!

The Most Important Elements In Life

The most destructive habit..... Worry
The greatest joy..... Giving
The greatest loss..... Loss of self-respect
The most satisfying work..... Helping others
The most endangered species..... Dedicated leaders
Our greatest natural resource..... Our youth
The greatest problem to overcome..... Fear
The most effective sleeping pill..... Peace of mind
The crippling failure disease..... Excuses
The most powerful force in life..... Love
The worldís most incredible computer..... The brain
The worst thing to be without..... Hope
The deadliest weapon..... The tongue
The two most power-filled words..... I can, I will and I do
The greatest asset..... Faith
The most beautiful attire..... Smile!
The most powerful channel of communication..... Selfishness
The most important thing in life..... GOD.


Another month,

Another year,

Another smile,

Another tear,

Another winter,

A summer too...

But thereíll never be...

Another you!


T - is for Teaching with full heart n soul
E - is for everything we are and can ever be today
A - is for all the attention and knowledge in the world
C - is for the countless understanding, affection, love and care.
H - is for the hard work put into molding our characters
E - is for educates gained and maintained
R - is for the righteousness we have inside of us.
S - is for their sweetness.

All these things put together is what a teacher gives us.
Teachers are angels that come from heaven and they are
Second to a mother.

Valentine's Day

The arrow strikes the heart
Never to be torn apart
It is when feelings blossom and more
The heart which heals by the bandage of love and cure
Roses, chocolates, cakes and some of the gifts in line
just some of the things to make a perfect valentine.
The hidden feelings of a heart that reveals
The boat of love which smoothly sails
How fortunate are those who enjoy this day
That is the time when one is lost in the world
of fantasy without any cost
The day when Cupid plays an Immense role
To provoke feelings in a Lifeless Soul.

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