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Bad Intentions.


Paige Burlingame

I'm so sorry it ended that way.
I can't believe our perfect world swayed.
We said we'd stay the same forever and ever.
I guess it was all an insanely spun facade.

I guess it was never real.
We were like those tall, tall castles that fell,
after being bombarded by outside forces.
I suppose this is kind of the same.

People always told us it would never work.
I guess that was what lead to out demise.
Those non-believers and skeptics that
littered out lives with doubt and lies.

Or maybe, just maybe, it wasn't meant to end.
Maybe it was meant to last until the end of time.
Maybe we were like the pyramids,
erected in a fit of royal vanity.

Maybe I was too vain and cold,
and maybe I was never around
when you needed me the most,
but it was not me along who lead to our terrible demise.

You were also vain and conceited.
You were also cold and hateful.
You used words like daggers in my back,
and you acted on jealous fits of rage.

Maybe it never was meant to last.
Maybe opposites don't attract...

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