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That Day is Now


Nicole Starleigh Yeager

I surround myself with people who pay no attention to the morbid prediction that looms over our heads today. In our ignorance, we laugh, we cry, we smile, we joke, we enjoy everyday things... things we still -- but should not, under the circumstances -- take for granted. The surreality of the anticipated events clouds us from taking things too seriously. 'It can't happen to me.'

What if it does? How will death feel? Who will you leave behind?

Here, at my desk, in the office, the big, corporate office, I think... what drones we are... What drones are we who continue to type and process and file and staple and copy and print ... Do we value our work more than our lives? Shouldn't we be looking out the window every few minutes, or lending an ear to the radio, or waiting for some word that the unthinkable has finally come? Shouldn't we be gathering our families around us, spending valuable time with good friends, tying up loose ends? Should we not be forgiving the unforgiven? Should we not be mapping out escape routes and planning our run for our lives?


Nor should we sit and wait for the end to come. If it is to be, it will be, we theorize. We are a God-fearing country, and we know that, one way or another, He will take care of us. Whether it be His hand that shows us the way to the Holy gates of Heaven, or His hand that defends us against the devil's warriors, or His hand that quiets the threats and the uprisings against us, He will be at our side, and we know this. We feel the comfort of a father to His children, something which the enemy does not know. Perhaps if they had let our magnificent Father into their hearts, this day would never have come.

But it did, and that day is now. So take your place by the altar, or the window, or on the sidewalk, or in the middle of the mall, and bow your head in prayer. In the arms of our Father we will endure this terror. We are American at heart. To be American means to trust in God. Nothing in the world is more powerful than prayer.

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