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Nancy Brar

You think everything's okay,
That everything will be fine,
But one day,
You'll find,
That you're running out of time,
Everything is in chaos,
And you just want to scream,
Because you feel lost,
Lost from your dreams,
Where were the clouds?
And their silver linings?
Where was fate?
And all it's good timing?
You feel rage build up inside your head,
And then you want to be dead,
Because you know there's no way,
You'll get out of this again,
But you take every day,
As it slowly comes,
Endure the torture,
Leading a life without fun,
You feel crazed and completely insane,
Everything's changing,
And nothing stays the same.
You're tired of being the good guy,
The abundant giver,
And old wounds open up,
Blood flowing out like an endless river,
Time is running out,
You don't know what life's about,
Not anymore,
Maybe never.
Old ties are cut,
Completely severed.
No friends left,
Not when living a life too high,
Forgetting you're human,
And humans can die.
Everybody takes,
But everyone is not in you,
Don't set the stakes all too high.
Save yourself,
>From dissatisfaction,
Let your life,
Have a little relaxation.

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