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The Molehill


Nancy Brar

“Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill,”

That’s what people say.

Every little thing that bothers us,

We cannot let stand and stay,

Perhaps you say it’ll never happen,

But it always does,

It begins with a molehill and,

It ends with something else.

A wall between good friends,

Over a stupid little fight,

That little thing grows,

Almost completely overnight,

By then it becomes too late,

To forgive and forget,

Because that molehill,

Has become half a mountain yet,

And you cannot budge a mountain,

That is overly large,

That little thing will drive you insane,

And become bigger than a barge,

Perhaps it wasn’t a fight,

But a tiny argument,

Over something so small,

It wasn’t really worth it,

But you will never know,

If things would have been fine,

If you’d let go of the little thing,

And gone on with your life.

Regrets will plague you forever,

Because of that little thing,

That is now a mountain,

A ruler over your senses,

A mighty and powerful king,

You will wish things had been different,

And you’d worry alone,

Because you wonder what it meant,

And it cuts to the bone,

When He or She calls,

And you don’t pick up the phone,

Because that little thing,

Has got you under its control.

Now I ask you this,

Would it be worth it to be alone?

For the years to come,

Lonely and cold,

Would your mountain give you comfort,

Would it soothe your fears?

Would it make you smile?

Would it wipe away your tears?

Would you let a little thing,

Come between good friends?

Could you swallow your pride?

And this fight, can you end?

Or will you make a molehill out of a mountain?

And live the rest of your life,

With bitterness and regret?

Of something lost in time…

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