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Nancy Brar

They stared at her

Mockingly, sneeringly

She tried to back away

But the circle had been formed around them

Closing her in

Making no room for escape

This time she couldn’t run

All because of a few words

That were said in a heated tone

Misleading and not meant

That had fallen out of her mouth

Because of actions that had piled

Over each other

That made breathing impossible

And now she felt regret

A bitter and foul aftertaste in her mouth

That felt like eternity

Inside her torn soul

Enemies forever

For nothing

For empty lies

Yet it was his fault

He was her friend

Why did everyone pick on him?

Why had she made so many enemies?

She was surrounded

And the screams she could not utter

Stopped in her throat

And she watched helplessly

As their dark shadows

Enveloped her until no light shone through

And she cursed him

And herself for everything

The fear

The guilt

The regret

The sadness

The anger


All of them

She closed her eyes

And heard the words,

But did not listen

Over the pounding of her heart

And watched

The first punch come towards her.

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