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Let Me Be


Nancy Brar

Gone forever,

Yet still a part of me,

Lies within me,

Shards of jagged glass,

That dig into me,

Bleeding and stabbing,

Killing me,

Windows of innocence,

Shattered into pieces,

Of nevertheless,

And Fateís eye,

Roves the world,

Watching me,

But not seeing me,

Cold runs down my back,

The light falls unabashedly,

Covering me,

Yet drowning me,

Unknown to darkness,

I tread softly,

Upon the world,

That rejects me,

Feigns to respect me,

Words scar my flesh,

And wonders of what I never knew,

My makers were set out to protect me,

But instead they corrupted me,

Insanity comes in rippling waves,

Sheltered vulnerability breaks,

They never let me,

See the world as it was meant to be,

And now death injects into me,

Poison flowing through my mind,

I didnít need the guidance of a parent,

I needed to see for me,

And now it is gone forever.

Because I was never let to see

What would teach me,

About the world that would become a part of me.

And so I was never let to be.

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