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Gal Pal


Nancy Brar

She said everything was okay,

She said everything was fine,

Then could someone tell me,

How did death she find?

I never knew her for a quitter,

For that was what she was not,

She was a hitter,

A girl whod been through a lot,

She wasnt any different,

From the other girls at school,

Perhaps a little more ambitious,

But that was what made her cool,

She was almost perfect,

When she wanted to be,

I guess the pressure just got to her head,

And she stopped thinking clearly,

She always had an answer,

For every question being asked,

She was the conqueror,

And made everything last,

Why cant she be here?

So I can ask,

Why did you leave me?

Why did you become my past?

And now I wonder if it hurt,

If there was any pain at all,

Or if she felt nothing,

And gladly took the fall,

They say it was suicide,

I say she was killed,

By the oncoming tide,

Of responsibility that overfilled,

I never could understand fractions,

And thought they were tedious things,

Shed tutor me without my permission,

And up my grades shed bring,

I guess I should have seen it,

But she should have told,

I feel as if Id been bit,

By a frosty winter cold,

We told each other everything,

We had secrets to share,

I guess she just didnt want to, with this one,

Although I wish Id been there,

Maybe I could have stopped her,

But somehow I knew I never could,

She never said goodbye,

And probably knew she should,

All I have left of her,

Are broken memories,

And I hate her as much as I love her,

For only leaving me these.

And now I can't help, but feel sad,

I'll never find another like her,

Because I realize,

She was the best friend a gal could have.

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