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Nancy Brar

Destiny is an odd sort,

He is not tall, nor is he short,

He wears no elfish pointed hat,

He owns no witch’s black cat,

His eyes don’t flicker in the sun,

He cannot rhyme nor make a pun,

He is irony in the best or worst way,

He can be anyone’s any day,

He is the lining of life,

He speaks with actions, not in tripe

He is what people choose him to be,

He is what far beyond the horizon can see,

He is the dice you roll,

He is neither young nor old,

He lasts forever and never dies,

He lives eternally in time,

Destiny is what he is named,

Wild, unrestricted, never tame,

He is always near and far,

The dreams of others, he will never mar,

He is the blue of the sky,

He is the tears you cry,

He is the words you say,

He is in the life you live each day,

He is the grin on your face,

He is your walking pace,

He is the rain on your nose,

He is whatever you know,

He is Destiny.

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