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Dead Romance


Michelle Le

When was the last time you’ve been in a relationship without your partner having intentions such as money, sex or using you just as a fling for their ego? What happened to those days when the gentlemen would remove their hats for the ladies or when talking so freely about “sexual intention” was considered sacrilegiously wrong? Unfortunately those carefree days of freedom are no longer in this world.

Everywhere you gaze or look there are always ill mannered males or uncivilized women with only corrupt intentions in their minds. This is what our children are brought up in? We think our childrens' minds are not mingled with or filled with immoral thoughts that they are the new generation but we are so wrong; down to the toy or cartoon our children watch, all are filled with immoral and dissolute intentions.

Advertising, health programs, home improvement shows are here supposedly to help us, but everything we watch now always persuade or are commercializing a product for us to purchase. Magazines illusions of the perfect woman always having curvaceous bodies, the most smooth skin - how is this helping our life or influencing our children in the right way? All this does to our life is lower our self esteem. In the good old days suicide was rare and considered blasphemous; now children are finding that it is the only way out. There is no one in this world that has not been corrupted into hating. Hate is now everywhere either against skin colour, religion, homosexuality or even gender; there is no longer freedom in this world even though many claim it. Every single soul on this world would’ve sinned -   there is no repudiating this, to some people this world is the virtual hell.

Love, forgiveness, trust, peace, harmony and unity are the forgotten words that made this world stable and joyful to live in. The way the world is now, if this continues, humankind will cause the destruction of the world themselves. This is one philosophy; there are of course still people in this world with good morals, but not enough. These people who opinionate their ideals and firm beliefs get beaten down by the corrupted society who believes that power, richness and a good sex life is the only form of living. The major issue nowadays is sex. We live in a world where a majority of men cheat on their partner because they just aren’t getting enough “loving” or where women sell their bodies for impious manners.

We see this and think if we just don’t let our children dress so skimpy this would stop the inevitable, but it’s an impossibility. Our old fashioned ways just are of no use anymore, too much blasphemous influence. Song lyrics, this new so called “rap” music every song has curse words or a form of sexual intentions. This is considered music nowadays? “Love it when you “thug” me baby.” Teenagers grow up wanting to be like these so called idols, singers, actors, actresses that wear a piece of clothing that covers barely half their bodies. And these people manipulate our children's' minds?

Romance and the sheer intimacy of being one with that special someone was done only after marriage. however at this time sex is ubiquitous, and those once sacred marriage vows that were never meant to be broken are now constantly forgotten. Abused wives get beaten up by drunken husbands frequently around the world and women using men just for sex or because they’re affluent. This is common? This is considered love?

The phrase “I love you” today is used so many times it has lost it’s genuine and sincere meanings; the perfect relationship is no longer a possibility. Walking along the beach, holding hands, a quiet dinner at home, these are traditional ways of spending time with the one you love but the thing is love has lost its flare and fire and is supposedly over rated. The solitary fixation most have is sex.

Society nowadays is morally corrupted, old fashioned and ethically moral issues are now over rated and considered just plain uncalled for. This is society now, this is what the world has “advanced” to. From the old days when there was no such thing as electricity and where everyone was civilized has supposedly “sophisticated” to a world of technological devices and immoral ways. This is what the world is progressing to.

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