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Fly or Fry


Michael Faircloth

        Some call it energy, some know it as spirits, others call it their soul. We've been taught that God will allow your soul to go to heaven if you believe in him. Others teach us that we are here because some slime found a nice warm spot to start life which enabled us to descend from apes. Some tell us that they once were animals or insects or even other people from long past.

        There are as many explanations as there are people willing to think of them. Where do we go to find our answers? Who is the one person with the perfect knowledge on this subject? Is it the Priest who just told me that if I don't repent of my sins and believe in Jesus that I will surly end up on a fast train straight to HELL. Is it one of those guys in the Middle East who tells me that if I kill in the name of God that I will be blessed with many wives in the after life. It could be the Native man that sees the great spirits with the help of secret rituals. How about that guy on the west coast who knows exactly when the mother ship will be arriving and what color shoes I should be wearing if I want a ticket. Maybe it's that crazy guy that just sits by the big Weeping Willow tree and stares at the sky all day, then as the sun begins to disappear from the sky above, he rips off all of his clothes and jumps into the lake for a swim, before returning to his room so that the attendants will feed him his supper and give him his medicine.

        Scientist will explain every little, and many times useless, reasons for what things are. They will back up their answers with many test results that prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are right. How else can they get more money for more research on what they believe that they already know to be true? The scientist are our most highly educated and respected givers of information. We should believe everything that they tell us because they have the research to back it up. Of course, every now and then they discover they were wrong, and then they tell us what is now the truth, and you should believe them because they are the smart ones. They are never wrong; they just get new data that positively proves they are still right even though the answer is now different. Do they know what it is? Is there even an answer to this question that can be found on this Earth full of live, flesh and bones type people?

        What indeed. If only we could go online and link to that one web site that everyone is talking about and yet no one is quite sure what the address is. Perhaps we could travel to that Native reservation and consume some of the secret stuff that allows you to visit with the spirits and learn the answers to the questions that cannot be answer while you still breathe. Maybe we could climb that highest mounting and talk with God just like that great man in the Bible did. Then I know that we would have the one real and truthful answer that could not be denied by anyone. What if the mother ship landed in your back yard and used its super secret sacred solar cerebral stimulator to implant in your memory the knowledge of all the worlds and the answer to all questions ever asked and even more, not even thought of yet. Better yet, what if you were simply walking down the street, tripped, bumped your head, was knocked into a comma for seven years two months and a day, and awoke with all the answers.

        What indeed. What makes it such a complicated question that there are so many different answers from so many different sources, which are so drastically different from each other. If the truth will set you free then we must be in the bondage of ignorance for the question that should have a simple answer is as complicated as mapping the DNA of a person, which those really smart scientist seem to think is a done deal.

        What is this life force that allows a bag full of that" mapped DNA" from those really smart scientist , who the priest think will " burn in HELL" ,that makes it all work. This energy, this force that enables us to think, love, lust, hate, cry, hurt, and heal and to achieve a higher understanding of those things that are not understood by others. The greatest mystery to ever exist in the minds of a simple ape derived species of pond scum origins. With out it would we even be born? Are we born with it or is it created as we are born? Do we simply slip out of our screaming mothers womb into the world and grab the life force we need to be what we will be or does it create who we will be and then we become what that force wants us to be.

        What in the world can make such a seemingly simple question such a cosmic and spiritual topic of epic confusion that drives people to the most extremes in behavior and actions? To kill for, or to die for, so forceful a question that whole nations are destroyed because of their answer and others created because of their answer. If I agree with the scientist then I am an intelligent person that started out in some scum-filled pond many moons ago. I sure have come a long ways since I straighten up and shave my hairy back. Perhaps the Priest has the right answer and God made me to be all I can be. I wonder if the great spirits will tell their secrets.

        What is it that allows us to exist and to be aware? Could we simply be biological life forms that exist due to our genetic programming and carry out our lives in a predetermined order? There may be no mystery at all. It could be as simple as when you turn on your computer it comes to life and when you turn it off becomes a collection of integrated circuits and devices joined with wires that do absolutely nothing. The person that believes in nothing has the simplest answers and can make the hardest of decisions with out hesitation. Does believing in nothing mean that you came from nothing and that you will become nothing once your power has been turned off?

        Why must the answers to what and why we are be so terribly complicated? Would it not be simpler to just pick the best looking person, animal, tree or alien and drop down to your knees and give every thing you have to him/her/it? Look around your world and you will see that is exactly what we do every day. We are slaves to the fears and greed of those who lived before us. We need to, for only a few moments, forget everything that we have ever been taught about who and why we are in this world and listed deep inside of our own hearts. Let our minds be silence for a while and let our eyes be closed and listen to no one and read nothing and hear nothing that is in this world. Then and only then can you hear your soul talking to you. You can see the difference of what is right and what is wrong. You can feel the beauty of others while only seeing what is in them and not what they appear to be. The flesh always tells a different story but the soul cannot be hidden. You will want to fight hate with love and anger with forgiveness. The things that money can buy will not be as important as they use to be. You will never be able to see the world the same as you did, once you connect with your soul.

        The most fulfilling journey you will ever take is the one of realizing who you are. When you look in the mirror, you will see a lot more than your image. That will lose a lot of value as you grow inwardly and become stronger, kinder, and happier than you ever imagined that you could. All journeys of self-discovery can be scary, but once you are passed it, what an excellent experience. Now, you will get knocked off your feet a few times, but by the time you get back on your feet, "OH WHAT A FEELING".

        This flesh that holds you in this world is a wonderful thing and should be taking very good care of, because it allows you interact here. Dead is dead. Once the flesh is gone, you are without a home. Every thing that you become inside is everything that you will take with you when they close the lid, or light the fire, whichever way your body is disposed of after you drop.

        You should be so aware of your soul that it guides you more than your mind or your heart. Face it, our minds are constantly screwed up buy our hearts, so neither one is very reliable. The more you listen to that mystical, magical, God given force that is the very essence of your existence, the less you will hear of what the world has to say and the more you will see the truth.

        Life, love, happiness, fear, evil, and pain are all in our minds and in our hearts and have been given to us from this world around us. It is from the strength that is our very soul that will free us and prepare us for our future, which just happens to be forever. Pick your path. Fill your soul with hurtful and self-serving things and that is all you will become when you drop. Fill your soul with love and positive things and you will fly wherever you please.

        I suppose I could finish my opinion with this simple recommendation for life. "Learn only to love and never to hate, then you will learn to fly after you die; otherwise you'll fry"

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