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Michael Buchanan

Lindsey, Tucker, and Peter were taking a hike up cucumber mountain they had just stopped for a lunch break. They were about 3/4 of the way up when. Peter smelt this awful smell he ask Tucker, and Lindsey if they had past gas and they said they didnít and then they heard a rustling in the bushes so they threw rocks in the bushes and the noise stopped. They could hear something walking away. Then they looked into a clearing and saw a big brown thing that looked like a ape, but it walked and looked like a human to. It was about 9 feet tall. The creature just stopped and stared at them.

The frightened teens just froze they were so scared. Then the creature started walking towards them they all started running down the mountain. Scared there adrenaline was flowing they were running faster than they ever have before. Peter looked behind them and didnít see nothing, but that didnít make him stop running. Then about 10 seconds later they all hear this horrible growl they all look behind them and there it was, but this time there was three of them and they all looked a lot shorter. Then Lindsey fell and by the time she got back up the creatures were already there.

Peter and Tucker ran back to save Lindsey and the creature just started laughing. They werenít really bigfoot. It was Pickle, Dave ,and Linda. They all got bigfoot costumes and got back Lindsey, Peter and Tucker because they tricked Pickle, Dave and Linda that a house they found in the woods had ghost in it. So they wanted to get Tucker, Lindsey and Peter back for scaring them. Dave had stilts under his costume to make him a lot taller, but when they started running he took them off so he could run faster. So now they are even. So they all got a good chuckle out of it.


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