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The Story of Windows and Doors


Melody Olivadese

The light was dim,
and your smile weak, and limp.
I don't need to see you to feel your pain.
I don't need a door to knock at.
I could keep it on, and you would never hear.
I don't need a window for a glimpse.
I could keep it shattered,
and still not get it.

My light blew out quick,
My eye lids grew heavy,
and my lip grew too thick to quiver.

I don't need to see, what I don't see.
I don't need to be what I can't be,
to see what I've seen.
I'll start to the glowing light,
I'll run twords the gleam in your eye.

Your windows have boards,
and your doors have their locks.
You have your time,
and I have my broken clocks.

Can I watch you burn,
Can I watch you fade?
I've seen it done,
The halls are still lit
where your thoughts were born.
The rooms are still kept warm,
where your time was passed in your heart.
They've torn open your soul,
and let your life drip through the floor.

I'll leave the windows open,
and the doors unlocked.
My place is warm,
and every candle is lit.

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