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Compared to Darkness


Melissa Someone

A fall evening
In a secluded and silent September,
I am depressed,
Staring at darkness in my room
To a day dream of gloom
I Am A corpse,
I am death.

Iíve built a sanctuary,
A church peaceful and strong,
That some may visit.
I have no need for light,
Light wakes the sleeping.
Itís crying and itís sadness I deepening.
I Am A corpse,
I am death.

Donít speak at all;
But Iíve heard you before;
Itís always with me.
I may stay with you in heart and soul.
If I have a name it will never turn to coal.
I Am A corpse,
I am death.

I have my feelings
And my emotions to show I am alive;
I am safe in my cocoon,
Hiding and may come out when ready,
I am sturdy and Iím steady.
I break free and I fly.
I Am A corpse,
I am death.
And a corpse can live again;
And death will never die.

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