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Sorry, My Mistake


Melissa Graham

I don't deserve to write about this 

I'm supposed to be unworthy, remember? 

I'm supposed to keep waiting for this chance 

But I slipped up and got it 

I tried to do my job right 

Tried to pretend that we could just stay friends 

But you had to have it your way 

And now we have this whatchamacallit thing 

If I call it love you know I'll jinx it 

Can't you see my flaws 

Are you blind 

They're right there in front of you 

I saw them when I got up this morning so I know they're there 

But oh no, it can't be that simple 

You have to go and kiss me 

And tell me that I'm beautiful 

Because you know I don't want to argue 

Don't think that I don't love you 

But it just isn't fair 

Can't you see what's really there 

The ugly duckling's born again 

Yet still you see a swan 

Don't tell me I've been lied to 

I'm not that stupid 

Oh, you know that too? 

Since when are you an expert 

I've been listening to the majority 

And they've been drowning you out 

Until now 

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