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Pan's Seduction


Megan Love

'Tis the gentle sweep
of sleep
that let's the flush
of carnal knowledge
course softly through veins
as they lay silently
embraced with the fold
of new love
not known yet
only but starting
the unfolding of its wing
upon the winds that flow
with the hearts
of those that believe
in its power
the gentle flush of new desire
the touch it leaves
so soft upon the skin
so enchanting in its caress
so addictive in its notion
so faint
so strongly forceful
bringing peace upon the wearer
bringing smile to lips of admirer
as gently comes the knowing
of the softest thread of love
being spun from the finger tips
of the two that feel the power
ever beating ever stronger
ever faster
ever longer
smooth upon the silken skin
soft like breeze upon the whim
of all that surrounds this place
of love.

As each the tendrils come about
trailing simple passion
in their fiery wake
the touch upon the one
brings the knowing of the two
'tis softly gentle
like a morning dew
as it descends and take the minds of two
through to the place where hearts are free
gentle touch of you of me
against the flesh, the heart the soul
of that which now its wings unfold
as gently it explores its place
and lands upon the welcome face
of love in the making
hearts will race
as passion comes to join the pace
of that which is entwining me
in this place that you will be

As sleep it settles to this day
all the troubles washed away
as tumbling they leave this place
my mind it soon starts to race

As it feels the pulse of new desire
coursing pulsing wanton fire
as your touch it falls upon my face
but only in my mind takes place
for to feel your touch isn't an option
in this delicate weave of passion

so fine
so hot
so rough
and cold
and all things
in between
sudden arcs
of white hot passion
sudden chills of touches
in special ways
as each the passion feels
so real so surreal
so everything
so nothing at all.

Upon the water
its steady fall
as it races
upon its way
to its final mixing place
so close
yet so afar

The leaf its caught
upon the fancy of its bearer
as its continues down its merry way
to meet its fate as part of one
no fear
no fault
no hesitation
just simply more creation
as its gentle rushing touch
wears the path
through all that stops it
from its motion
its devotion
to a final end
in the settling of its path
of its final rush into the mix
that is its own
to start again
its upward climb
and still it feels
that touch of every whisper
upon its way
its path it took
upon the journey of exploration
like a love song on the air
so softly sung
for just a pair
to hear
the hidden caress
as spun on gentle melody
or crashing through
to fiery heights
upon the light of love
of lust
of passion
of knowing
so soft at first
then longing 'til the mind submits
and gives clear passage to the fix
that this addiction shall demand sated.

'Tis a dance that my heart takes
no matter asleep, nor if awake
it flutters all about my chest
it promises me naught but the best
of all that comes with loves sweet touch
so little, yet so very much.

For deep within my mind
I delve for answers
none to find

no clue
no hint
nor but a whisper

that holds my heart spellbound
for it promises things so fine
and that all that loves shall now be found
'tis all but little sneaky signs
'tis sudden flush
of love's first rush
more sweet than any drug
so precious
so delicate
and all in my mind such wonders happen
as they unfold
and I watch them before my mind
so simple, yet so entwined
in all that is and not yet been
for all that I have ever seen
will pale and wither under pressure
of this union
in the flesh
the final taking
the final happening
is only but the start
of that which is the notion
of emotion
of devotion of the self
upon another
for the moment
for ever

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