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Famous Last Words


Megan Cary

There I sat,
alone and scared,
hiding there,
my soul so bared.

My friends had gone,
my family run,
all others taken,
a black hole sun.

I was so scared,
alone - afraid,
Oh help me God!
Another raid!

They were coming,
to take me too,
Take me where?
Where with who?

Panicked I ran,
They yelled with a shout,
"A Jew is escaping!"
"Don't let her out!"

But they didn't chase me,
they just stared...
and opened fire,
It wasn't fair.

And as I fell,
I prayed to God,
"Please let me live!"
A sad facade -

Footsteps neared,
I looked up high,
A soldier came,
with hard cold eyes.

I saw the end,
and took a breath,
I asked him, "Why?"
so close to death.

He looked quite sad,
then masked it fast,
he never answered,
as time passed.

I closed my eyes,
and saw a star,
a gentle reminder,
of who we are.

We are a race,
of proud descent.
I never renounced it...
I would never repent.

And as I died-
Not one of few,
I said, "Yes, I am,
"a Jew - a Jew..."

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