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Unanswered Prayer


Matthew Grey

This cold winter air chills me to the bone
Itís the same feeling as when I am alone
Itís then I have no warmth, no one is near
I am all alone drowning in my sorrow here

Why canít things for me ever go right?
I try to make them with all of my might
But till now everything has gone all wrong
There is nothing left for me to take along

Only if I could find a new hope
Only if I could find a way to cope
Then life wouldnít have to feel this way
Then I would have more hopeful things to say

But for now, to this world, I am lost
If I find a new way, what will be the cost
For my spirit is now running a little thin
I donít want to go back to where Iíve been

So take me away, far away from here
If I stay, it will only result in another tear
Iím tired of living a life full of heartache
Iíve suffered, thereís not much more I can take

Life is never to be what I chose
And life shouldnít be a game where I lose
So now I ask you almighty god and lord above
Please just send me someone to share my love.


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