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Matthew Grey

Midnight glows with a starry mist,
the dim light leads you home.
Wondering if your on his list,
Otherwise left with no where to roam.

The darkness comes making you blind,
and the world starts to fade away.
You search for what you could never find,
time's gone on, there's no more to say.

You are left to wonder why,
life always turns out just like this.
Where you found that itís a lie,
you thought it could never be like this.

So now you search the world through,
trying to find what you never had.
Youíre left with nothing to do,
itís just your luck that is bad.

So now you turn and look for hope,
something to bring you a little joy.
To stop the slide on the downward slope,
all your tricks you try to deploy.

And in the end you will fail,
its your fate you canít change.
But you still try harder to prevail,
even though the goal is out of range.

Then the morning, it finally comes,
bringing light back to this earth.
You sit back and listen as the guitar strums,
you donít even know your true worth.

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