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Matthew Grey

We live in a world that is full of hate,
We live in a world that is full of sin,
itís a messed up world we are living in,
where people kill so that they can be heard
where the people forgot the power, the word,
if only we could all open our minds
if only we would all open our ears
we wouldn't have to shed so many tears
tears full of pain, tears full of sorrow
only hoping there will be a better tomorrow

We are left with one chance for rescue
we are left with one reason for hope
one chance to make the world a better place
If we open our minds, If we open our hearts
This is the place where we must start
we must start to care, and start to love
we stop the hate and we must stop the sin
in order to make a better world to live in
We must fight with the weapon that came from above
we must fight with Godís weapon, the one called love.

If we can learn to love and learn to care
we make a better world for people everywhere,
Our future will be better, our lives more full
We are left with the opportunity to love each other
and make this place great for your fellow brother

In this world where the one with the might makes right
can't we put down our guns and learn from each other
we fight to get ahead while others suffer and that ain't right
If we can't stop the hate its gonna be one war after another
our world is full of Pain, full of Hate, and full of Sin
this is the world we are living in. we must find some where to begin

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