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Made Man - Chapter 3


Matteo Calvi

All the kids heard about the fight and what I did. I didn't care though, it just got me more respect. People gave me more and didn't question me anymore; I was the boss of the young mafia. Kids started to call me don and godfather, and I loved it. Nothing could go wrong - we were in control and that's how it was gonna stay for the rest of our lives. We were made of the best.

My right hand man and main under-boss was of course Georgie. He was tough when it came to money. He was not someone you wanted to mess with. This one time a kid brings him nine dollars and twenty-five cents when he owes ten dollars. George gets the kid on the floor and kicks him in the face seventy-five times for every penny that was missing. He was definitely my best choice for second in command, he was also blood so I knew I could trust.

I had two bosses working underneath Georgie. They were Paulie and Dominick. They were more the enforcers than anything else. The upper ranks usually didn't like to get their hands dirty so we would have them do our things. Apart from that they had the soldiers under them who they commanded. These were some of the most quality guys you could find. I would ask them to collect ten dollars for me and they would come up with twenty. That kind of thing is priceless.

Underneath those guys were the soldiers. These were carefully picked individuals. They couldn't be scrawny, and they needed to be smart. They were used for things such as giving someone a beating for the other guys to carrying things around for us. They basically waited on our every command. These guys were true to the heart and would never sell anyone out, the kind of people that are needed to stay in business.

This was the setup of our family. We were the Calvo family. Everything was perfect and we were everything a family should be. We had the layout and enthusiasm. What else could you ask for in a family? We were the best around. We were the most feared. But most importantly we were the most respected around.

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