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Made Man - Chapter 5


Matteo Calvi

Now usually I like overachievers. These were the type of guys I looked for. I needed one hundred and fifty percent every time and nothing less. And I got what I asked for, I had it coming. I should have specified when I needed more, but I didn't and it was gonna get me in a lot of trouble. I couldn't yell at Paulie. He did what I always wanted from him and didn't know the difference. I started to lose it because I knew a war was coming. My head was always there and I couldn't deal with business. I took a few days off. I didn't tell anybody where I would be I just went out into the woods and started to think.

You wouldn't really understand why I was worrying so much. You're not in my shoes. When you were in my position you saw that there was a big problem with what went down. This problem would eventually lead to a huge war.

I told Paulie to go mess up some soldiers. And he did fine at that, but the bike was another world. I picked that punishment carefully because I knew it was fitting. It wasn't weak and didn't go to far. It was just right but what Paulie did took things to a new level.

Usually you wouldn't counter a counter. It just wasn't worth it. Usually you didn't, except when the first counter went too far. Sometimes it was acceptable. I'll even say it was reason to strike back.

One of the most important things I learned in my time as a boss was to respect other bosses. You never wanted a war that you started or all the other people would join the other guy because he was only defending himself. You had to have a damn good reason to attack a boss and sometimes that wasn't even acceptable.

But all that was already done. I started to wonder if maybe this whole life got out of hand. I had no direction anymore. I didn't go to school. I barely knew who God was anymore. This wasn't what I dreamed of being. I dreamed of being a big shot, but one who knew why he was given that gift and who gave it to him. I still wanted my education, and I really did want a real job someday. But I made that decision a while ago, there was no turning back.

I hadn't even realized, but I had been gone for two days. Everyone was worried about me. They thought maybe I was dead or something. But when I came out of the woods something was dead, a part of me was no longer the same.

But I had to snap out of it. Georgie informed me of what went on while I was gone. The Colombo was running our turf like madmen. They were beating our kids, and putting graffiti on our homes. Just as I thought, Mikey was not happy. He had spread the word that there would be no end until my family came to an end. I was positive of what came next, and it did. I got the phone call from Mikey saying he wanted to meet me at midnight in the park.

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