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Made Man - Chapter 8


Matteo Calvi

I finally reached the man at the end of the tunnel. He introduced himself as St. Peter. First he showed me what was going on where I had just died. I wasn't too surprised. I saw Georgie crying and praying. He was hugging me, and finally a doctor pulled him away.

The doctors didn't do anything, they couldn't. I wasn't surprised. All I could think about was Georgie and what distress I had caused him. I started to cry and I just couldn't stop. I didn't realize what I had until it was too late. After I saw all that St. Peter told me where I was. He said I was a candidate for entry into heaven. I started to laugh hysterically, like that could ever happen.

He explained to me, my repentance had gotten me considered. I asked him how, because all I said was I was sorry on my deathbed. All he said was, "Man can find salvation between the saddle and the ground." I understood and I couldn't believe it. Then he told me there was a little back up on trials. He said I would have to wait a few days but I didn't mind. He told me I could look around and I would be given a tour. This was all a little overwhelming for me, but I was grateful.

After all that a guy dressed in white clothes came in. I didn't recognize him. St. Peter introduced him as my tour guide. He introduced himself as Michael. He seemed like a nice fellow and I was glad I was getting this chance. St. Peter had to leave to attend to some other business so he left me and Michael alone.

We started to talk. First we talked about my life and my repentance, but I had enough of my life for years so I asked about him. He told me he was my guide/lawyer. He explained how things worked in heaven. He told me that every candidate for heaven had to have a trial. If you won, you could enter, and if not, down you went. I was scared that nobody would care about my repentance, but he told me things looked good. My trial was on Friday and it was only Tuesday. We had some time to kill.

Then I asked him about the whole tour guide thing. He told me that people are usually given a tour of the three places before their trial. He said it was a way of prepping people for where they were going and just sort of letting them know how things worked. I sort of always did want to see all that stuff if it existed so I didn't mind.

While I was talking to Michael, I realized that weirdness was still about me. I asked him about it. He told me that it was the spirit upon me and it was a good thing. He said it was one of the main reasons I had a chance, because God was with me. I felt comfortable up there, like things fit. But I couldn't shake the image of Georgie crying over my body like that. I asked him if there was anyway of getting back to earth. He told me pardons were usually never granted except in special cases. I was gonna find that special case; I had to for Georgie.

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