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Why Beneath the Stars


Mathew Robello

into dark and lonely times my eyes do cry
smiles fallen blankly upon lips of parted sigh
hearts of broken beats slowly slip and crack
all soft and beautiful colors slowly fade to black
alone along with whispers of wind from near and far
crying diamond tears every time i see a shining star
knowing wishes i made hurt me so much astound
feeling empty, soulless, lifeless with you not around
star light star bright the first star i see tonight
i wish i may i wish i might have this wish i wish tonight
upon every word given i wished for you not me
my wish every time was that you'd be happy and free
it hurts me so that after all we've shared
you can just get up and leave... like you've never cared
i cry the nights away alone with my tears
all along with you i worried this was my greatest of fears
i cry at school and work... people they wonder why
and its all because of one person i loved who made my heart fly
came and showed me the world made my dreams so real
and now something comes along the way and all of my hope it just steals
if you had planned to move away and go so very far
why just tell me why did we lay beneath the stars

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