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So Cold A Night


Mathew Robello

my world has gone cold and light has become black
the cold bitter feeling has once again come back
no longer are there smiles no longer is it plain
once again i feel the sadness once again i feel the pain
the heart has become silent the words no longer flow
they all left with one phrase "I'm sorry but i have to go"
why did we lay and count the stars why did you hold me close
why did you have to be so wonderful why did i like you the most
i thought i had found love again i thought i was living my dream
but now all it is .. is shattered hope my mind ripped at its seams
crystal tears of angels fallen upon blackened ground
fear and sadness fury and rage it echoes all around
left in spirals of eternity falling more and more
life flows slowly through going snakeishly out the door
like dreams of baby wishes upon each shining star
the heart with its sweet memories beats for near or far
sleeping in your arms so safe it did seem to be
but once again i lost what i found... again i have lost me
you were everything i could have hoped for everything that i saw
but once again i guess i held too tight and once again i fall
through endless halls of flowing tears and memories linger on me
when will my eyes open so that i can finally see
why cannot love be like the stories told with a happy end
why did i have to love you why wasn't i just a friend
life is so painful right now it hurts so much
as i sit here crying awaiting any kind of touch
i wish someone was here someone to hold me tight
and just stay with me forever throughout this oh so cold a night

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