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It's Not Goodbye It's Just Farewell


Mathew Robello

Written for Diane Heyerdahl
In memory of Michael James Heyerdahl 11/9/88-1/12/2002

What will i do without you
my friend just one who's true
the one that made me laugh and smile
the one who was taken away in such a short while
you are there aren't you, smiling high up above
you are there i feel you flying amongst the wings of the doves
I look up to the skies and i see your name in the jet stream
all the way up there i can still see that smile's gleam
i can still feel you late at night when the dark becomes cold
i feel you there when i reach out for someone to hold
you are my guiding light through the darkest of nights
my angel, my darling taking away all fright
awaiting you in the distance he is there
the sunrise holds his ever present stare
he loves you so much even i know this to be true
and one day we will all be together and i finally get to see him holding you
"I love you moms"

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