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 If You Must Go


Mathew Robello

If you must go
My heart would cry a thousand tears if you were to leave so soon
if i could go and get it i would bring you the moon
but in a way i would smile because i know you would be at peace
but the beating in my heart for you would never cease

i would walk the edge of eternity watching the waves slam on the shore
and drift on the memories of that chance to love you more
i would see your eyes in each ray of the rising sun
and my heart would softly whisper about how you were the one

i would see your smile on each color of light
and i would feel your warm embrace on the coldest of nights
i would feel your touch on each gentle breeze
and to know you were there would bring my heart to an ease

i would take into fond memory those nights spent with you
and in those thoughts is where i would find peace to be true
you are the best thing in my life right at this time
and never will there be another to walk the same line

you are one in a million no matter what anyone has to say
just please know that you made me smile today
you gave me a hope that i once had thought i freed
you gave me back something i lost, that something was me

you brought to my life meaning again
and for that i am grateful to you... always my friend
in you i can see the beauty of life
even though you feel you are wracked with pain and strife

whenever you are feeling low on a cold rainy day
please... remember that you made me smile today

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