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Alone With My Tears


Mathew Robello

I sit here all alone and i cry looking to your face in frame
I cry because nothing in me feels the same
its all gone, destroyed, scattered to the sea
i have lost what was at one time a person which was me
i have lost myself in the dark once again
i have lost myself i have lost my friend
why did you go, did i do something wrong
why did we have to stop playing our song
how am i supposed to get past seeing your face
we have made so special every single place
we watched the stars here and watched the waves there
now all i can do is sit back blankly and stare
stare at the walls and look up to the sky
asking aloud in question, why God...please tell me why
you made me so happy...smiles throughout each and every day
all it took was one word you would have to say
and my day would be brighter...the sun would so shine
because i knew i was yours...i knew you were mine
but all in one instant you took it away, the worst of my fears
now i sit here alone............alone with my tears

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