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A Tale Of Sadness


Mathew Robello

sitting in my room left to wonder what life has cast
why i was so happy and then shadowed back to the past
i got to smile through the whole month straight
and when i thought i could say i love you it was already too late
roses are red and violets shine blue
what am i supposed to do without you
they all say move on, forget it, its done
but they weren't up 10,000 feet with you watching a rising sun
they weren't being held within the security of your heart
and now they are not left in the shadows...left in the dark
a thousand sweet kisses a million warm smiles
if you would just love me i'd walk a thousand miles
i would fly my soul right into the very sun
if you would just look at me and tell me i am your one
you were my one, my love, and my knight
you were the one thing that made my day bright
for you i wrote out love in many a things
i told you that you made my heart feel, my soul sing
but yet you have gone left me bewildered and all alone
once again my heart has been turned into stone
abandoned i am crying tears of a broken heart
and here i thought you and i would never be apart
the angels hear me cry i know they feel my pain
cause whenever i think about you God comforts me with rain
whenever i feel alone and i think i am finished or that i am done
i look out my window sadly, to see the sun has arisen...a new day has come

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