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When the first drop of rain fell…


Marya Jabeen

The dew was still drying from the night,
Sleeping in trance were the birds in their nests,
The morning was still to rise from the oceans,
Suddenly a drop fell on their limbs…
A feeling, a sensation was born on the touch.
They came to life and looked up,
They were awed by the beauty,
The spectra produced stunned them
Whole world seemed to be caught inside it.
It dazzled their eyes like diamonds.
It became the sun with the falling rays,
A drop was all it was,
A twinkle in the eye it became,
A gift from the nature, a tear of joy
The clouds were overwhelmed and the drop was shed
The land was thirsty; the drop satiated it.
The soil was barren
The drop brought in lavish colours.
A child peeped out from his window,
His eyes widened with anticipation,
"Soon a shower would pour
And he would dance in rain"
He grinned with glee.
A pot was quickly placed in the verandah
"Finally I'll drink to quench my heart"
Thought the old man smiling.
The cow was released from the barn,
The farmer wanted to share the day
Grandma cried as memories flooded her,
Her childhood came running back into her laps.
It was time to pull old blankets and shawls from the trunks,
Wrap them around the body and sip a coffee.

A drop brought thousand emotions
And gave them expressions,
Life experienced vibrant colours
When the first drop of rain fell…

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