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A Nocturnal Visit


Martin H. Tesler

I let my spirit travel,
Upon a moonlight beam;
With you I wished to visit,
And see you as you dream.

My spirit gently lifted,
Into the dead of night,
Above the clouds I drifted
Upon that beam of light.

Propelled by ether's currents,
Across the sky I flew,
Arriving in just moments,
Without disturbing you.

The moonlight lit your figure,
And cast your beauty's grace—
Adorned in goss'mer bedclothes,
With panties made of lace.

So gently I suspended
Upon that shaft of light;
Then slowly I descended,
And tend'ly held you tight.

I watched you as you slumbered,
And kissed your face so sweet;
You turned and gently lumbered
Into a deeper sleep.

I slowly left your presence,
And though you never woke,
I know you felt the essence
Of words I hadn't spoke.

And so when you awaken,
A smile upon your face,
My dearest, darling sweetheart,
Please know 'twas my embrace.

Copyright 2002 Martin H. Tesler. All rights reserved.

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