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~the Voices~


Marsha Lanning

I'm hearing the voices again
They are in my head
Telling my to sin
What was it they said?

"come with me,
see him laying there?
take this knife
slit his throat with it."

The voices are telling my to do bad
Why are they doing this
They are taking me over
I cant break through

"take the knife
and kill him just
like he has tried
to do to you."

The pain takes over
The voices get stronger
I walk over
Place the knife by his throat

"go on, you can do it
think of what he has done
to you and what he still
as in store for you."

I get ready to make my move
I stop, I feel as though
I have eyes watching me
I look around but see nothing

"go on, you can do it
end the pain, end the sufering."

I can't its not right.
Then I hear a voice that's so soft and sweet

" Mommy what are you doing?
are you going to hurt daddy?"

I look over and see Maria looking at me
I say no baby
But go back to your room
Get what you can take with you
We will be leaving soon
Meet my by the front door

" okay mommy "

As she walks out the door
I hear the voices again

" don't let that stop you
you can do it, you want to
i can feel it."

I say no i wont sin
I look down at him
And say Good-Bye
I lay the knife beside the bed
and Walk away
From the pain
From the voices
and The past that now lays
behind me

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