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I love everything about you


Marsha Lanning

You hurt me so badly
you ripped my heart out
with just one word
but i still love you

I love everything about you
The way you look at me
The way you smile with such grace
The way you always say you love me
And that I'M your baby girl.

I never want to let you go
I want to hold you so tightly
Can you feel my love?
I hope so...
I know you still love me
Just let me know
I know that we have both fallin head over heels
But what ever happens I still love you.

I love everything about you
The way you touch my face
The way you kiss my so softly
The way your hands rub my hips as we dance

I know you still love me
I can tell just by the way you act
Every time I walk into the room
You always have this look in your eyes
That lets me know just how much you love me
And every time you say "hey little girl"

I know you love me
Because of your voice when I answer the phone
And when I say Hello
You are happy with me
Just don't forget the way you smiled every time I hugged you
Don't forget the look i give you when you have done something sweet.

My love is always with you
You have my heart Baby
You once told me that we where Soul mates
Don't let little things come between that

I love you baby boy

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