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Mind Shards


Marlicia Fernandez

Tribute: To my daughter, Davina

Shattered images
in shards of broken glass
incomplete perception
defying unity
refusing to come together
as an integrated whole

And people say you're slow
or stupid
that you can not understand
a child
within the body of an adolescent

They laugh at you
and you laugh too
happy to be accepted
glad to be liked
and it breaks my heart
because you don't realize
or if you do
you hide the pain
and try so hard
to rectify
to modify
to act the way you should
so they will be your friends
so you can get along with them
in their world

Sometimes it works
sometimes it doesn't
and frustration settles in
and covers your heart
like storm clouds
ready to burst
in a torrent of tears
and when it clears
you start again
with what you have

Shattered images
in shards of broken glass
incomplete perceptions
puzzle pieces
with edges sharp as knives
that if put together wrong
draw blood
and leave the stain of failure
on the psyche
and a fear of trying
on the soul

But you never give up
you always start again
trying to make sense
of the puzzles that you find
reflected in the shards
of broken glass
in the mirror of your mind.

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