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You Say It's Your Birthday


Mark Mitchell

Hey wife, its been a quick 365, once again itís your birthday
You look fantastic at 46, father time youíve kept at bay
I suspect 20 plus years with me has given you just a tinge of gray
I hope you go to sleep at night satisfied with your life, this is what I pray

Iíve never totally figured you out though, youíre tough to gauge
Just when I think Iíve got you pegged, you flip the page
You keep me guessing and thatís good, our marriage isnít a cage
I really feel one of your best features is your age

Do the middle age demons make you question your decisions in life?
Those bastards loose in the head cause all kinds of strife
Being married to me for so long, well, I know youíve paid a price
Do you still see me and think, "Iím glad Iím his wife"

Youíre remaking boundaries now, growing into the person you want to be
My problems havenít kept you shackled, this is my plea
Midlife is like a rebirth, a chance to somewhat get free
Although problems always loom, a fact we just canít flee

While weíre not youngsters anymore, I still think weíre far from old
Youthfulness is in the head, or so Iíve been told
So wife, you say its your birthday, your special day
Grow old with me; Iíll make sure your dreams come your way

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