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Rut or Routine


Mark Mitchell

Another day to do exactly the same

Is it Tuesday, Thursday, whatís in a name?

The sameness of each day keeps your mind in first gear

Once the day ends you remember nothing, this is your fear

Today was all so automatic, itís lifeís cruel game

Days, months, years pass, you canít remember from where you came

I live for the weekend, surely itís near

Never wish away days, each one is so dear

If my life is a rut, then Iím to blame

I make no time for myself, what a shame

How do I break my rut and get my head clear?

Put yourself first for a change, these plans you should steer

Setting aside time for yourself is important the experts claim

Now the rut is a routine, and the mind is in a better frame

Many, many people have it worse than us, you see it in our peer

Compared to us their lives are in shambles, you shed a tear

I guess most of our lives are pretty tame

A productive, solid day should always be our aim

Keep positive mind control, donít let the negative mind whisper in your ear

Before you realize it, your days have turned into a fruitful year

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