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Passion Renewed


Mark Mitchell

Over twenty good years of marriage

Going on twenty one

Kids, vacations, money, it's been great

Our future together is bright as the sun

Through the years our love deepened as we grew closer

The commitment between us was second to none

Then my life crossed paths with a woman over twenty years younger

She was only slightly older than my son

My precious wife, she was just like you twenty years ago

Forgotten memories flooded back of how you and I had begun

Her youthful passion for life rubbed off on me

I brought it home to you dear wife, it sure was fun

Hey wife, we're well into our forties now

Not ‘acting our age,' pardon the pun

So “what's the lesson to learn here?” I ask myself

If we forget the passion of youth, we're done

To my good wife, it's been twenty great years, let's do twenty more

Hold my hand tight as we travel life's road together, let's run

For my young friend, you're very wise beyond your years

Your life no doubt will be a success, you won't be outdone

You renewed my passion and zeal for life

My youthful roots I will never again shun

To my wife ‘Special K,' you're everything to me

Our marriage, our life, is way too strong to be undone

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