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Challenge of a New Day


Mark Mitchell

Soft light creeps into my bedroom as night gives way to day

The clean slate of a new day, what a gift

Today will be perfect, if I have my way

Iíve got everything planned so I donít drift

My mistakes of yesterday Iíve learned from, I must say

As my day progresses, plans and actuality have developed quite a rift

Time to go to plan B if I may

Each day life throws new challenges that come very swift

Reacting positively and adapting successfully builds character, I pray

Beating lifeís daily challenges sure gives you a lift

Let the day beat you, itíll be hell to pay

As you grow older the margin for error shrinks, causing quite a tift

In addition to battling middle age mental demons which youíre always trying to slay

Hopefully as the day ends the mind takes on a positive shift

Iíve had success today, even though my plans always have feet of clay

How does this lead to a successful life, what keeps a manís soul from going adrift?

By winning the battles in the here and now and, pardon the clichť, living our lives day by day

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