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Another Year is Over


Mark Mitchell

Another year is over, a new ones about to dawn
It seems before you snap your fingers, the time is gone
The days and months roll by quickly, before you can yawn
Life is playing a cruel game with us; were just a pawn

Why is it the older we get years pass at a faster pace?
We try and slow them down, its like were always in a race
The whirlpool of life spins quicker as you move through it, better brace
We hear footsteps behind us, our mortality giving chase

I guess maybe look ahead, view each day as a gift
Have plans and goals, not a rudderless ship prone to drift
Keeping yourself busy sure gives the spirit a lift
We can never slow the passage of time; its ever so swift

Well all eventually lose this race; the finish line spares no one
How we get there determines our legacy, might as well be fun
Were all given a finite number of days here, its becoming very clear
We can waste days or make a difference by holding each one dear

So get the most from each day, hold it in a tight clench
Squeeze out every drop of satisfaction, now our thirst for life well quench
So another year is over, next one looks as bright
A new year is truly a blessing, hold on to each one tight

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