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Angst, Anger and Agony


Mark Mitchell

2004ís nearly over thank God, it wasnít my best

My lifeís in a downward spiral, taking all my zest

Gloom washes over me, the burden crushes my chest

Sleep has been lacking all year, if I could only rest

Iíve totally spoiled my wife and kids by doing it all

My family are all ingrates, I feel so small

They bitch and complain constantly, driving me up the wall

Should I complain they act indifferent, Iím supposed to stand tall

I feel like a giant Redwood tree, teetering before a fall

There are times everyoneís home, yet Iím so alone

Itís as if Iím a statue, frozen in a forbidden zone

Everyone concentrates on their problems, no oneís ever concerned with me

They think ďhe always handles everything, just let him beĒ

I know as a family we shoulder each otherís cares

Iíd give anything if they thought mine were as important as theirs

Whenever I try and tell the wife my feelings, whatís on my mind

She pulls back unresponsive, almost like sheís blind

Iíve been silent so long, well now she doesnít want me to complain

Nobody wants to hear my issues, a problem they just canít feign

So why write this, what do I have to gain?

If I can be totally honest with myself, maybe itíll lessen the pain

I canít go through another year like this, I need a new page

Sometimes I feel like an actor in a one-man show, alone on lifeís stage

The negative thoughts running through my mind I constantly try to slay

My fatherís death last spring has buried me under multiple shades of gray

I need any victory I can, just to make it day by day

2005 has to be better than 2004, this is what I pray

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