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My One-In-A-Million Mom


Mark McCauley

Background: Written for a contest in which the writer had to describe why their mom was "one in a million".

One-In-A-Million doesn’t seem to describe,
The feelings I have so deep inside,
For the one who gave me life and direction,
My faith, my values, a true reflection.

Her loving eyes and gentle arms,
Were ever watchful, protecting from harm,
An infant son that grew in grace,
Better prepared, the world to face.

But as a boy, there oft were times,
I needed instruction and clear guidelines,
To set my life on a path that was straight,
She helped me along, but would patiently wait.

Until one day, into a man I grew,
A husband, a father, life’s circle renewed,
The fruits of her labor could then be seen,
In a family growing, on her wisdom still lean.

And the marks of her influence, I proudly bare,
Her love and commitment, the bonds that we share,
Will keep us strong whether here or beyond,
My friend, my mentor, my One-In-A-Million mom.

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