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Silent Tears


Marianna Hernandez

I feel my life slowly pass away 
My heart keeps rushing and keeps racing 
My world just feels like it has gone astray 
And that there's nothing else left anymore for chasing

Where has my life gone? 
What have I done wrong? 
There is so much still left for me undone 
Yet, the empty hole that fills my soul keeps growing strong 

Life is a torment, sometimes it's a blessing, 
Sometimes it's nothing but a curse 
It's often really hard to change the dressing 
On such a truthful, virtuous verse 

You live, you die, whether you're sad or happy 
Reality cannot be changed 
One minute you feel good, the other it is back to crappy 
Some moments it feels free, and in others you feel like a poor
bird trapped and caged 

So many gifts and miracles life brings us! 
It makes us happy, cheerful, so carefree 
But, then some moments later it takes away our happiness 
It is mostly pain and torture that we see 

Our lives go on and we forget 
All that has gone down in the past 
There are some memories though that we have shared 
and that we get, and many more which we made last 

I wish that life was hunky dorey all year long 
that we don't have to witness any pain and any suffering 
By many we are expected to stay strong 
To keep everything bottled up inside and keep on buffetting 

But, life isn't that way, it's a total mess 
We often need to clear our head to see what's real more or less 
Mostly I think like a robot thinking everything happens for the best 
Not being any different from the rest 

What do I do? 
What do I say? 
Should I say I am feeling angry, deprived of all human emotion 
Yet, at this point all I know is that I feel so empty 

Frozen, still, motionless in time 
Traveling through a dozen worlds around me 
I ask myself is feeling emptiness a crime? 
For all I know it's mostly what surrounds me 

I want to move, I don't want to hold still 
I want to move on with my life and just forget it 
But all the little torments come back for the kill 
Whether or not to happen I allow it 

I've lost some part of me, I don't know which 
I cant seem to find the missing pieces 
I don't exactly care what side of life I wanna ditch 
I keep hoping for some burden and some stress releases 

You think life just goes on 
And that nothing leaves a trace 
Guess what anything others did or you have done 
Leaves always a powerful cutting or embrace 

So every memory, every mark 
Is just an imprint that lasts forever 
They keep you warm up in the light and leave you
stranded in the dark 
Some of them still repeat, and others won't happen
again ever 

What can you do? Reality is all that matters 
Embrace it and to yourself be true 
Instead of filling your life with cries
Fill it with much laughter 

That way whenever sadness comes along 
You'll know what to do 
You'll teach yourself to always stay strong 
And, let your mind and spirit forever remain true

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