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Catharsis of the Soul


Marianna Hernandez

Lying on the hospital bed 
Struck with a pounding rhythm in my head 
Feeling as if everything moves around me in slow motion 
But, I don't seem to care; I am an outsider of all
this commotion 

I feel like I'm in a different place 
I feel like I'm in a different world 
I doubt that after all that's happened I'll embrace 
The cruelty of life I've come to know and scold 

The IV flows into my vein 
As I drift off to sleep 
I know I must be strong to face the pain 
But then again, how could I? My wound is cut too deep

Internal hurt and sorrows just draw forth 
As they fill up into my chest 
The feeling's too strong to conquer now 
The night is here but I can't seem to rest 

The dizziness absorbs me 
As my subconscious self calls from within 
From all the things that have been happening around me
I feel my body is worn out thin 

I'm on the verge of fainting 
I cannot move, I can't get up 
I pray for someone to come and save me 
Help me through and lift my spirit up 

My pulse is rushing, racing 
My heart skips a beat 
And, as my eyes continue to see double 
I feel like I should just concede 

I thought that I was strong, that I can take it 
I thought that I could tolerate the pain 
But, really I am on the verge of breaking 
And, just keep wondering if I have turned insane? 

Truly Life is so ironic --- One minute I'm happy I'm alive 
The next I'm on a stretcher, rushing to the hospital for help 
Wow! Can it get more stranger? 
I wonder as the ambulance unstraps my stretcher's belt

Life can be so cruel at times 
I cannot fathom why 
Why can't it just be simple? 
Why can't it just be full of happiness all the time? 

I guess I'll never understand 
I guess I'm just too dumb 
Or maybe it's not time yet to understand 
Maybe sometime later it will come 

But, until then, while I keep learning how to deal 
I'll try my hardest to keep it real 
And, maybe in the end it will turn out all right 
Maybe I made it too dramatic out of fright 

In any case, I am just glad 
I had the strength to pull it through 
And, hopefully the courage I hold inside me 
Will have the power to keep guiding me through 

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