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What are dreams made of?


Maria Reylan Garcia

Are dreams made from the things we saw in the morning?

Or the sounds we heard, the wind blowing, the birds chirping?

Or the scents we smelt like the aroma of flowers in the meadow?

What are dreams made of? Do you know?

Are dreams made from the places we had gone?

Where we had laughed, talked and had fun?

Or just in our deepest imaginations?

Taking us to our weirdest destinations.

What are dreams made of? Do you know?

Are dreams made from the books we had read?

From the inspiring words the characters said?

Or is it from the movies we see?

When our hearts are filled with glee?

If you ask me, dreams are made from people.

People who sometimes we seem to forget.

People who loves, worries and cares for us all.

Who are always there when you give a call.

People who are the reason why we live.

Who, in our mistakes and misdoings, they forgive.

Maybe they are the reason why we dream at night,

Setting us to sleeps, saying good night, donít let the bedbugs bite.

You are one of these people why I have dreams,

Dreams that are surreal and awesome,

Do you know why I have great dreams?

Because the person who read this, is always what it seems... great and true..

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