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Smile Again for me, wonít you?


Maria Reylan Garcia

IV- Generosity

Itís been a long time since I last saw you smile
How Iíve missed the warmth and itís gentle tender
I want to remember those very moments
They seem like forever, endless and infinite

Smile again for me, wonít you? How Iíve missed it
Take away the pain and misery inside
Your smile warms my cold heart, smile again for me..
My thoughts linger with hope and kindle prayer

I need your smile to make me whole once again
For I missed its magic, the wonders of your smile
Fill the desperate desires of a lowly fool
Smile for me again, and Iíll see heaven at last

Iíll journey through forever and wander through time
Iíll beat the odds just to get a glimpse of your smile
Smile again for me, and itíll be enough
I just need your warmth and tenderness inside

And when I see you smile again, Iíll live again
When I see you smile again, Iíll be forever strong
Strong enough to go on, strong enough to hold on
Without the warmth and gentle tender of your smile

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