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Magnum Opus


Maria Reylan Garcia

Divine Origin look upon thy creation
Magnum Opus of mercy, faith and affection
Gaze upon pungent deception and sinfulness
Revealing Man’s innocence and his nakedness

Cloak of enigmas, turmoil and uncertainties
Blankets the generation of metamorphosis
Alas, Destiny of man vanished! Fate tarnished!
Man’s life depicts a battle of pure nothingness

Plagiarism, Pride, Ravenousness Greed, and Lust
Pitiful trickery, Pathetic fraud Man does
Shadows of cupidity and avarice blinds
Oh Omnipotent! Here thy children’s cries and whines

Ingenuity! Great Wisdom Man was bestowed
Temptation alone lured him! Lured to a lonely road
Death, Suffering, Distress Anguish Agony and Pain
A sinful regret! Eternal season of rain

Alpha and Omega! Thou confer man to govern
Overpower all that can be seen and discerned
But treachery repaid thy Mercy, Denial!
Denial! Defiance! Rejection! Betrayal!

Glance upon the hypocrites, Oh Lord Master!
Frauds of society, lies do they deliver
Impressions mislead, deceive and even delude
Camouflages the con, echoes in all they would

Syringe of disasters befall every moment
Life’s climax, Oh life’s denouement
Symbols of fear, phobias alas apprehension
Terrorism, warfare, world domination

Despotism amongst nations and origins
Fairness, Equality thy children seeketh within
Parallel dreams, goals and desired aspirations
Amongst realms, are thy children’s cry of petition

Almighty God! Our sins, we asketh to hinder
Thou be as referee, umpire and arbiter
Mercy! Pity! Absolution! Compassion!
Cocoon us with Divine love and intervention

Man serves as attaché to the inferior
Yet, thy children still looks up to you, Our Superior
Grant us thy clemency, spare us thy Divine Mercy
Pity us vagabonds, Save us from our own slavery

Behold us Lord, what essence of February
Behold us Lord, Loving unconditionally
Help and aid us Lord, your Magnum Opus
Convey us back to Thy love and mercy

Touché !

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